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IR __ For those interested in INFRARED conversion of DSLR / P&S

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  • IR __ For those interested in INFRARED conversion of DSLR / P&S

    I found these guys on and they are CHEAP. I was searching 'Hot Mirror Filter" when they popped up in the 'STORES' results. Considering the IR filter is really only worth a few bucks, their service sounds a lot more reasonable than outfits like MaxMax or LifePixel. I see they have priced some (more difficult) models much higher, but still terribly cheap.

    I haven't looked any father into them, nor have I seen any 'testimonials'. Considering they have been in business for a few years already, I wonder why they have gone so CHEAP, and if it will succeed?

    Here's a quote from their auction:

    WHAT IS ON SALE HERE IS A SERVICE THROUGH WHICH WE CONVERT AND MODIFY YOUR CANON DIGITAL CAMERA TO INFRARED. This custom manufactured high quality glass infrared filter is a drop in replacement for the original hot mirror filter. The response characteristics are similar to the R72 and 89b filters but is specifically designed to be used internally. After the conversion you will not need any filters in front of the lens and the camera will be just as sensitive to infrared as it was to visible light. This means you can hand hold and compose as normal. All filters are inspected to be free from scratches and other defects If defective please contact us immediately for exchange. All repairs and modifications are done at the owner's risk. Pro Photo Repair 7910 Raytheon Rd., San Diego, CA 92111 Tel. (85 277-3700 Fax. (85 277-5332 Our Customer Service Representives Are avialable 6 Days a Week Email: We Fix All Kinds Of Cameras ( Video, Film and Digital ), Flashes and accessories, Free Estimate.

    I just bought a converted Canon P&S off eBay the other day (from CHINA)

    Edmonton, Canada, Eh ?

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    Re: IR __ For those interested in INFRARED conversion of DSLR / P&S


    I e-mailed the fellow and he's a man of few words. (Asian ones, mostly) I suppose the fact that he's on eBay provided some 'protection' for whatever you ship to him, and I gotta admit the price is hard to resist.

    My S5is was slated for disposal on eBay, but maybe it would enjoy a whole new life in my stable as a dedicated IR camera...

    Edmonton, Canada, Eh ?