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Mac OS X Snow Leopard problems with panofiles for Quicktime Player 7 movies.

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    Re: Apple no longer supporting Quicktime - .mov don't play on 64 bit PC's

    Originally posted by hindenhaag View Post
    Ups Bill,
    seams to be a "real problem for the future", which can be solved easily with comments of your experienced users. Right now there is another good discussion on this problem. Today, of october with a lot of reactions, since 3rd of september.
    Isn't it hard for a new customer to follow these discussions under "everything else"? It might be a good solution to open up a new Topic: "Stitching problems", "Stiching Software", "How to stitch to the web" or something like this?
    Following the forum since some time ago, i realize that there seem to be two problems to use your good product like "plug and play": NNP settings for camera lens combination, second: how to get rid of stitching problems having taken the fotos.
    A time ago i found a comment on the second point: go to www...... and the forum. You yourself gave a comment that people like to "plug and play". I myself sometimes feel like this. So i'd like to ask you, would it be a good idea to open up new topics on the forum for the day after, .... the day after i am happy to recieve the Nodal Ninja hardware, go out to take fotos, and end up to be disappointed with the result of my "what goes wrong that i do not have a brilliant pano?" .
    What i feel following the forum for some time, it might be a good idea to open up a "second stage forum topics" to beware newbies to fall into frustration by working around with the fotos to get a nice pano.
    You know there are a lot of experienced nodal ninians on the forum to give help to new customers.
    Hi Heinz,
    I deleted my similar thread earlier today after you mentioned you already posted "this" thread (didn't see it after it fell off the radar)and merely appended what I wanted to say with change in subject field to appeal more to the masses. I think it's best to leave as is for the time being. The other points you bring up are off topic but will try my best to answer.
    We could have many categories like but we feel conversations get lost when spread out across such a large playing field of discussions. We prefer fewer categories like So the category "Everything Else" become just that - very general in nature. If there is a valuable thread we are happy to sticky it (keep near the top of the topic). If however the general consensus is different we are happy to consider change.

    Also we generally steer away from offering software support and leave that to the vendors and those more proficient and versed, of which we are pleased to have a few here in our forum

    Thank you for you valuable input and suggestions - we do listen.