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Tutorial "How to easy create a 3D partial panorama"

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  • Tutorial "How to easy create a 3D partial panorama"

    Hello Forum,

    In addition to my tutorial(*) about the creation of 360x180 degree spherical 3D panoramas I will explain how to make a 3D partial panorama with a FOV of approx. 150x120 degree with just 2 fisheye images.

    Making a 3D partial panorama is easy and relatively fast to do.
    Instead of placing the camera in portrait mode now the camera is placed in landscape mode and instead of a relatively small NPP off set of 4.5cm this time the NPP offset is set to a distance of approx. 16cm.
    For this a Nodal Ninja lensring and a Nodal Ninja quick release clamp are mounted on the outer end of upper arm of the NodalNinja panohead (**).
    Because the NPP offset is so large a rotation of 10 degree is enough to get the necessary parallax error we need for 3D depth.
    (**) it is also possible to remove the vertical arm of the panohead and to mount the camera in landscape position on the outer end of the under rail but then, if a tilt is needed, the legs of the tripod have to be adjusted a lot or a ball head under the rotator must be used.

    The list of steps is much shorter, I will not go into details because most is already explained in the full tutorial so here is just a short summary:
    1) convert the 2 fisheye images to equirectangulars but don't crop them, output to 360x180 degree .
    2) import both equirectangulars in StereoPhoto Maker (menu File > Open left/right images..) follow from here step 10 of the full tutorial.
    3) After saving the anaglyph equirectangular and converting to a panorama you need to limit the view angle of the player to avoid showing the black parts of the panorama.

    Here is an example I shot for this tutorial:

    Images of the setup are here:

    And here is the pano I shot with the setup:

    Note that the color of the red roses is interfering with the red/cyan anaglyph system and that makes it really hard to get a nice 3D experience, hence the second panorama in yellow/blue (for the amber/blue ColorCode 3D viewer) is much better for this scene.

    Please no copying/pasting of the complete text of this tutorial on other forums, it makes it impossible for other people to read the replies, clarifications and updates.
    It is much better to post a link to the tutorial like this:

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