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How'd he do that?

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  • How'd he do that?

    Take a look at this picture:

    He states that it's a six frame stitch taken from inside an airborne hot air balloon. I posted the following to him:

    "Magnificent! Help me learn tho... how did you take a 6 photo panorama of moving balloons *from* a moving balloon? I have trouble aligning panoramas when I photograph still subjects from a stationary tripod with a pano head! Please share your secrets?"

    He responded with

    "gbatistini says:
    Yes, there is 1 SECRET!
    It is exactly, to throw your tripod farthest possible.

    I'm not even sure that I believe that it's a stitch, nevertheless taken handheld from a balloon! It's so perfect. Thoughts?

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    Re: How'd he do that?

    Gaston is a familiar name, but I can't remember from where. Might be a name I've seen on panoguide.


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      Re: How'd he do that?

      It's a great panorama but I don't think there would have been any major problems in stitching the photos. There's nothing close to the camera and the balloons will be moving fairly slowly and in much the same direction. 6 shots can be taken in less than 10 seconds. The background should align easily in something like PTGui, and with a layered .psd file the seams can be routed around the balloons by editing the layer masks in Photoshop.



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        Re: How'd he do that?

        Guess I gotta go for a balloon ride in France and try it for myself!