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Russian Hack Attacks

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  • Russian Hack Attacks

    Seems we are getting an unusual amount of spammers attempting to signup in our forum from Russia. Our servers, where the databases are stored, have "never" been hacked but I believe most of these forum signup requests from spammers are attempts to post material leading to other sites. Forum members (excluding admin) do NOT have access to your private emails and they can only contact you via PM. However it is advised to change your password periodically and to report any suspicious activity to any moderator or send email to cs at nodal ninja dot com.
    We continue to run a safe and friendly forum and we thank all our participants for their continued support.

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    We are seeing as many as 50-100 spammer attempts each "day". Due to this exponential increase in spammers we have temporarily disabled new user signups. This is only temporary. In the interim if you would like to join please send me email: bill[at]nodalninja[dot]com.