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The Component Build Chart for Fanotec's Lens Ring System

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  • The Component Build Chart for Fanotec's Lens Ring System

    Fanotec lens ring clamps have become a great success since their release. The modular design allows us to adapt to new lenses quickly and cost effectively. Thus far more than 40 lenses are supported with newer lenses constantly being added. This modular design allows much greater versatility giving superior advantage over other ring clamp systems on the market today.
    The lens rings are comprised of 3 basic components:
    * Outer Metal Ring, matte black with locking knob.
    * Inner Protective Plastic Insert, custom designed for specific lenses.
    * Arca Swiss Plate (lens ring plate), with scale and also designed to allow use of dedicated stop plates.
    Special attention has also been given to the safety of the lens and unlike other "metal to lens" ring clamps Fanotec uses specially manufactured plastic inserts. In addition these ring clamps are also wider, so as to broaden the mounting surface, further reducing stress to the lens. The inclusion of lens ring plate gives us more freedom to choose a suitable area of lens for clamping.

    We have created a chart to shows what build components fit specific lens.
    Should a user have a second lens they merely reference the chart to determine exactly what components they need. For example a user having lens ring for Nikon 10.5mm changing to Nikon 16 mm will learn these two rings use same Outer Ring and Plate so only the plastic insert is needed for $14.95.

    To view this chart please visit:

    Note: Because these lens ring clamps use Arca Swiss style plates they can also be mounted directly to rotators with Arca Swiss clamps or with other pano heads in different configurations.
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    A version indexing the components by lens would be useful. In other words, the lens is in the column where the plate is now. People have the lens and then look for the necessary components. They don't buy the lens ring plate and then look for a lens.


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      I would have to agree. Since the product is a lens ring clamp, start there. Have all the lenses down the left with the ring along the top. At the intersection is the plate. Makes the chart more user friendly.

      The chart is a very good first effort. Lots of information in a small one page area. Good job.


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        thx for the suggestion. good points.

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          what about this?

          We listen. We try harder.


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            Originally posted by nick fan View Post
            Long list, but pretty clear also this way ;)
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              Originally posted by nick fan View Post