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Product Announcements - Opt in or Opt out - Please don't flag as spam

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  • Product Announcements - Opt in or Opt out - Please don't flag as spam

    Members of this forum that have opted in for emails and those who signed up for our newsletter in our e-store will receive very first public notice on new products. I say this again because tomorrow we will announce yet another new major product coming from Fanotec.

    AOL users take note: You may not receive newsletter due to AOL restrictions - some members have reported our newsletter as spam and as a result we've been blacklisted from sending email to most AOL users. This also applies to some users with earthlink accounts.

    If you do NOT wish to receive emails, product notices, or newsletters please simply opt out from the newsletter itself or in your account settings. Flagging us as spam to your provider is not necessary and hurts others from getting our news.

    2011 will see a lot of new products coming to market . We have already released many items this year and many more will follow. Exciting times for all involved in this genre of photography - we love having more choices and more toys to play with.

    Thank you for your understanding and in being a part of our community.