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  • Membership Pruning

    We have been getting a few spammers recently and we're working to tighten things up a bit. We went through our member list and found hundreds of members with suspicious email addresses that have never posted. As a result and to keep our forum cleaned up we will "delete" members with 0 posts who have not "logged in" within the last 365 days.

    In addition we will "ban" members with suspicious emails like sexrockandroll@ (made that one up). Bans can be lifted on request - membership deletion requires new registration.

    Because our forum is open to the public guests can read all threads and posts. A large percentage of our member base have 0 posts most likely due to our forum being closed to public view when we first started. The only reason to stay a member with 0 posts is to receive first notice of product release. We would like to give "active" members first notice. So if you haven't "logged in" within 365 days "and" have 0 posts most likely your membership will be "deleted".

    Thank you