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  • Rules of Engagement

    You probably didn't read the terms and agreement when you signed up, plus we wanted to add a bit more garble so this is a simplified version of some of the guidelines.

    1. The purpose of these forum is primarily to promote and give a better understanding of the Fanotec product line to include Nodal Ninja's.
    2. Anyone can view the posts without joining.
    3. Anyone wishing to post or answer a thread needs to register - it's quick, easy and free.
    4. BE NICE!! This is a small friendly forum that is viewed by many including women and young adults.
    5. Don't down play the competition. We are all in the market trying to earn a crust and there are pros and cons to every product manufactured. As noted on our testimonials page whenever negative comments are shared about the competition we delete the name of product being referenced out of professional courtesy. This is a fine line as some will share viewpoints and experiences with other heads and we don't want to over-moderate. We ask that you keep any and all negative emotional tones at bay.
    6. Competitors may join as long as your intent is not to downplay our product.
    7. No affiliate linking to outside products.
    8. This forum will be monitored regularly and any individuals found abusing our stage will be banned and their posts deleted. So please do not waste your time or our time. More often than not foolish behavior only reflects negatively on the perpetrator.
    9. Gallery images and attachments are limited to a maximum of 1200x600 pixels in size and approx. 256KB (1/4 MB).
    10. Members agree upon registration that they give permission for Nodal Ninja and it's authorized resellers to use any content they submit including text and images. The reason for this is we may want to use portions of threads/posts in our manuals, on the websites or in promotional material. The original author(s) however own the copyright and anyone outside our company wanting to reuse any material must contact the author for permission. So if you are posting an image give strong consideration to adding a watermark on the image itself.
    11. Things will change. This forum is new for us so we might change the theme or format stuff as well as add or delete forum features. The forum is in its early development stages so please excuse us if we rearrange the chairs. On that note please don't be afraid to offer up advice or suggestions that you feel will benefit our community.

    Thank you for helping us to bring a open and friendly forum.

    Bill Bailey
    Nodal Ninja Forum Administrator

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    Bill just joined and signed in. Sorry but I can not figure out how to post or find instructions.


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      Hi wingman - welcome to the forum.
      Looks like you can post fine - for help click the help button below or visit:


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        I am having trouble figuring how to make a new topic/post.