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nick fan
03-29-2014, 11:01 AM
When we say, "we try harder!", we really mean it. We have been trying to design the best pano heads for the community, satisfying needs of different customers. We even offered lens hood shaving service and sold shaved lenses. Now we make parts to create the best compact light weight camera lens combo with APS-C sensor, delivering the best balance of image quality, weight, size and cost.

The lens to be adapted is Samyang (or Bower, Rokinon etc) 7.5mm originally made for micro 4/3. It is a full frame fisheye with 180 deg diagonal angle of view. When adapted on a camera with APS-C sensor, it gives angle of view greater than 180 deg along the width of sensor, similar to Sigma 8mm fisheye on APS-C sensors. So just 4 shots around are enough to cover the whole spherical view. This make it the idea lens for Nex, EOS M, Fuji X and NX compact mirrorless cameras. This lens will require the hood shaved. Since its hood is attached to the lens by 3 screws at the front, it can be easily replaced. We make a hood that can still protect the lens while not causing any vignetting. The replacement mount is an extra cost, so we decide to build a lens foot to the mount to save the cost of lens ring. Overall, we can sell the mount with foot and lens plate for the price of our lens rings, $109.95.

The first adapter to release is for Sony Nex. Adapters for EOS M, Fuji X and NX will follow one by one. Fisheye lens has very high requirement of accuracy and precision of the register distance and other dimensions of lens mounts. We bought many reputable lens mount adapters to do the reverse engineering to get accurate values of register distances.

Did you say you need this combo? We listened, and we tried really hard to make it possible!

Do you want a lighter version of R10? We are considering to make a lighter and smaller version for similar combos. Let me know what you think.

Nick Fan

Developer and Manufacturer of Fanotec and Nodal Ninja Products.

03-29-2014, 12:02 PM
Will it work with all cameras using micro 4/3 mount ? such as the Olympus ones ?

nick fan
03-29-2014, 05:42 PM
Will it work with all cameras using micro 4/3 mount ? such as the Olympus ones ?

Hi Vincen,

The lens was originally made for m43 (2x crop). Now we adapt it to larger sensors (1.5x crop) to better utilize the image circle of the lens. To have the similar characteristic on m43 cameras, we need to adapt Yasuhara Madoka 180 7.3mm circular fisheye (designed for Sony NEX) to m43. We are working in this direction too.


03-30-2014, 10:27 AM
I don't see it in your store.
If I understand the description, you have created an adapter that allows you to mount the 7.5 lens to the NEX body without any modification to the lens. You have then bolted the mounting foot to this adapter?
Do you replace the thick alimunum spacer or does your adapter go between the lens and camera body?
We need much better photos and the link to your web site so we can buy it.

nick fan
03-30-2014, 05:45 PM
Hi Dennis,

It is not available yet. We just started the production run. ETA late mid of April.
it is a replacement adapter with sockets for attaching the foot.