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Tim Cooper
08-08-2013, 10:56 AM
Hello, I have just bought a RD5 with fitting kit to use with my existing NN3 from Red-Door VR in Leeds.
I cannot find any information/user guide on the NN website relating to this equipment.
There is included with the RD5 a plastic plate which might fit on top of the rotator, but does not fit the bottom arm of the NN3 because of the existing brass bushing and brass pins.
Please see attached files for clarification.

Can anyone help with basic instructions on how to assemble a RD5 + NN3 combination?

08-08-2013, 11:24 AM
Unhappy you won't be able to fit correctly an R-D5 with an NN3 :( R-D5 is supposed to be used with Ultimate R1/R10. You should use the R-D16/R-D16II with your NN3, or the deprecated R-D8 ;) You should ask Red-Door to exchange you the R-D5 for R-D16 and pay the difference !

08-08-2013, 09:22 PM
Sorry Vincen,

Tim, you should be able to use it with Quick Mount Mini System or directly on top of RD5.


You can place the QMM Plate on top of RD5 Rotator instead of top of pole. Replace the pole in the pics with RD5.


RD5 shown with RS - 1 in this case.

You need a QMM Adapter System : http://shop.nodalninja.com/quick-mount-mini-adapter-system-f7154/

Use the double threads screw and the plastic plate of the set shown in your pic zip-2pic.

Or use it without Quick Mount Mini Adapter System directly on top of RD5. Place the Plastic plate on top on of RD5, place the lower rail on top of it and screw through the lower rail into the rotator. On you go.

Hope this hint is in time.