View Full Version : New Camera, New ring-- suggestions for my situation?

Mark Johnston
02-21-2013, 05:49 AM
So vr photos for me is a hobby that I mix into work.
work got trashed thanks to a little bitch known as Sandy..

I get to spend insurance money buying a new camera. (and ring for my R1)

I am not looking for a camera that will give me a result that is .0005% better final image.
I'm looking for a camera that will make it easier to shoot..
I'm also tempted to take a stab at being a GTP next fall when my season ends.

Can anyone suggest, with a reasonable argument as to why, which camera will make
taking the shots less error prone/more effective. Given that the work related shots are
mostly inside of motel rooms, some public areas...
I loved my circular fisheye, three shots and done.

I use panoweaver (8) for stitching..

I'm looking to buy a camera that has KNOWN compatibility and settings for shooting.
if I can save time in re-shooting/relearning curve,
that's preferable to something that lets me get that last smidge of detail...

I'm good with cookie cutter-- desire productivity vs. most..

I know there was a big PDF that ran down camera choices, can't find it today on the NN site.

Thanks for constructive comments.