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01-14-2013, 07:26 AM

I have a Pentax K-x with the 10-17mm Pentax Fisheye. I want a portable and not too expensive panohead, and the NN3 seems ideal.

Can anyone confirm that this combo works, including shooting the zenith straight up without re-attaching the camera?

I'm finding inconclusive posts on the web, here is someone with a K-10 having problems:
I could not find any proper size comparison k-10 vs. k-x, so i figured I ask for experiences. The german reseller doesn't have the nn3 in stock right now, so I'm considering ordering from the us - this means returns would be expensive shipping wise.

Bonus question: If I get the nadir adapter, does it give me more/enough clearance for the vertical shot?


01-14-2013, 07:59 AM
Hi Schorsch and welcome to the forum.

http://wiki.panotools.org/Entrance_Pupil_Database URS = Upper rail setting is L1 + L2. L2 for your lens is 57.8, I wonder about the 0.8mm. So measure L1 for your camera. URS max on NN3 is 116,5mm

Just tell me about your L1 and I'll check it for you on the NN3. Nadir Adapter adds 20mm in vertical height.

The best equipped dealer in NL is www.cameranu.nl with fair prices. They deliver to germany as well. Ordering from US cost you a fortune in time 4-5 weeks, or a fortune of money. I know about it.

So long waiting for your L1,

http://www.cameranu.nl/nl/statieven-toebehoren/nodal-ninja/kits/c312_1148 delivery to germany for this price is inclusive. They have it in stock as well as Nadir Adapter. To find under Statieven en Toebehoren > Nodal Ninja > Kits

Factory IR means there may be some spots in the color, but nothing to do with function.

01-14-2013, 12:09 PM
Thanks for the quick reply Heinz!

So what I'm measuring for L1 is close to the 41,6mm given for the K5/K7.
So l1+l2 = 99,4mm this should be ok, I'm well below 116,5mm.

Just to be clear, this means I can rotate it to vertical, even is the diagonal length to the edge of the camera body is longer? See third pic (let me know if I worry about things that are no issue in real life)

And thanks for the retailer link - they have it in stock and even are slightly cheaper. Slightly more expensive on the nadir thing - I will read a bit more if I want to get it right away or not.


01-15-2013, 10:37 AM
Hi Schorsch,

No issues in real life.:clap::no::no:

Important is straight distance from lens flange to tripod mount screw of camera body, rectangular to camera body. Thx for sending your pics.

To measure L1 you have to take off the lens, reference point is the metal surface on the camera body, not something in between lens camera body connection.

To measure it, you have to take off the lens off the body, for the best place a stiff stab across the lens flange "metal plate" on the camera body to lens connection which is standing out a bit above the camera bottom to be able to measure the distance "lens flange to center of tripod mount screw at the bottom of camera body". This will be L1.

Your pic shows something in between lens flange and lens backside.

Just to set things clear for other NN friends, not to tease you.

For LRS you have to measure H and add 14mm for NN3 MKII system. This is your starting point to check this with your own equipment for LRS.

You have to check this:


http://www.johnhpanos.com/epcalib.htm from our great friend John.

You are not the only one with these questions. Everybody of us had to learn about the system.

765763764766767 Pics 2013 Nodal Ninja Fanotec

Feel free to ask,

01-15-2013, 02:41 PM
Thanks for the detailed photos & text!
So measuring without lens still gives me 41 mm to axis. I should be ok with that regarding npp.

I attached a very elaborate drawing to illustrate my remaining fear - the camera might hit the "knob" when going for zenith. Hence I tried to measure the edge of the cam body to the npp - but its hard to do precise. I'm pretty much at the vertical distance of top of lower rotator to upper axis which google tells me shoul be ~124mm.

I will probaly just go ahead and order it to try it out - and get the nadir adapter if it doesn't work right away, clearance as shown on your pics should be more than enough then. And it seems useful.


01-15-2013, 11:17 PM

I have simulated the position of the upper plate of CP-2 from your first picture. Distance on the ruler from tripod mount socket to camera back is around 20mm, 42 mm - 62mm.
So there should be free space.


Forgot to place this pic . Shows how you have to fix cp-2 together.


01-22-2013, 06:44 AM
Got it yesterday - I will have to do some more testing/finetuning for the rail settings, but its looking good so far, zenith works even without nadir adapter.
And I have yet to find any irregularities on my factory IR model ;)

01-22-2013, 07:57 AM
Hi Schorsch,

That's great. I know why we can give an advice for F IR models as well.:th_wink:

Some last links you should know about:


Feel free to ask,
enjoy your new equipment.