View Full Version : CP-U3 for Nikon D5100

07-20-2012, 06:42 AM
Looking for an Arca Style Quick Release Plate for the D5100. The problem is the monitor. The plate from RRS is made different to open the monitor:

Is it possible to use the CP-U3 at the D5100 ?

07-20-2012, 07:54 AM

Hi Thomas,

The curvature of the Anti Twist Flange of CP-U2 will fit better in place of U3. But there is one problem: The Anti Twist Flange - used in front - on the right side looking towards the camera just hits the curvature of the camera body. In case you set it in touch with the camera body, the plate is not rectangular. To set it right, you get a gap. So you have to fill it with some plastic for example.
Pics show CP-U2 Plate. Please PM your email address to get this problem solved. The RRS plate has moved the anti twist flange on the right side - curvature problem with body - closer to the lens axis - tripod mount socket. So it will miss the round edge of the camera body. It is $10 different in price RRS CP-U2 Plate.

So long,