View Full Version : Pano 360 - 5DMK3 panoramas, Mcdonalds East Coast Park, Singapore

03-24-2012, 03:02 AM
5d3 with 8-15mm @ 8mm.

http://moonshine.homedns.org:2655/pano/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/thankyou_out_tiny.jpg (http://moonshine.homedns.org:2655/pano/fullscreens/2012/mcdecp/thankyou_out_html5.html)

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A happy first(!) using the 5D MK3/III to shoot a 4-shot panoramas… to a sad day at Mcdonald’s, East Coast Park, (ECP) Singapore. We capture the Mcdonald’s on it’s last day. This Mcdonalds holds a lot of memories for many Singaporeans including mine. From their childhood days to their teens, cycling down from wherever you are on the “East Coast” and having a meal here to walking tired from not sleeping the night before…. from a chalet nearby for breakfast at Mcdonalds, ECP before heading home.

more and the story behind the closing...