View Full Version : Some Basics about new Fanotec Camera Plates CP-U2,-U3,-U4

01-03-2012, 10:51 PM
Hi and Happy New Year,

End of last Year I received the new plates for Nikon Camera Bodies and played around with them.:biggrin:

The first Results:



1. Check that the Tripod Mount Screw Positioning System is loose to slide it to the opposite side of the Anti Twist Flanges.

2. Fix the Tripod Mount Screw to Camera Body, but do not fix it definitely. The plate has to be able to be moved.

3. Move the Anti Twist Flanges to the Camera Body and check they touch it on both sides.

4. Fix the Tripod Mount Screw definitely. Do not over tighten !

5. Now fix the lock screw of the Positioning System. In case there is not enough clearance of the System to fix the Flange to the camera body, open the lock screw and flip the whole System around.

6. Add the Automatic Align Plate with the notch to the back of the camera and on the side of the shutter release knob.

7. To be secure, add the M3 Safety Screw with the black spacer aside of the plate. I use only one on the side of the shutter release. When you mount it to both sides of the camera plate, you can not slide into the upper rail clamp. You have to open it very wide and place it from the side what I do not like.


BTW: please let me know when the descriptions leave unanswered questions