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11-10-2011, 05:23 PM
HI, this has probably been asked a hundred times but I need a bit if help here. I have a NN5 and Velbon 600 sherpa tripod.I dont like the tripod for panos as I need to extend the centre pole to get a good veiwing height. On a recent 6 week trip through the USA West and National Parks I found it hard to use on uneven ground and windy conditions. I found taking the tripod head off and replacing it with the pano head all the time a pain.Thinking back I could have set the pano head up on another centre pole and just slipped it in when needed.
Being quiet tall at 6ft 6in, I looking at getting a carbon fibre tripod without the centre pole with a good height around 80''.
My NN5 came with a swiss quick release that I havent used. My questions are-

Would it be advisable to put a swiss quick release base on the tripod base and a quick release plate on the bottom of my easy leveller and one on the bottom of my tripod head to allow a quick change over.
Would I use the same for the camera base as well.
Could anyone reccomend a good tripod and ball head suitable. I want to be able to us a 80-200mm lens also which is quiet heavy.

11-10-2011, 08:49 PM
I use a Manfrotto 394 RC4 quick release plate between my pano head and a short center column for my Manfrotto tripod. I do not use an EZ-levler, but instead adjust the tripod legs. The technique is very easy and quick once you learn how to do it. I also pack (but do not carry during the day) a standard length center column with a Bogen 3025 tripod head.

394 RC4 clamp:
http://www.manfrotto.us/product/0/394/_/RC4_Low_Profile_Rect._Rapid_Connect_Adapter_w410PL _Plate

Bogen 3025 tripod head: