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04-05-2011, 05:07 PM
In the last weeks, the Palmela 2011 organization has been announcing conference speakers on a regular basis. Currently we have the following 12 speakers (http://www.palmela2011.com/info/conference/speakers) lined up to talk at Palmela 2011:

Ignacio Ferrando Margelí (http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/ignacio-ferrando-margeli-capturing-the-impossible-panorama) — Capturing the impossible panorama
Joergen Geerds (http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/joergen-geerds-panoramas-and-the-art-market) — Panoramas and the Art Market
Nicole Tung and Jason Barr (http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/nicole-tung-and-jason-barr-vr-photography-in-crime-scenes) – VR Photography in crime scenes
Thomas K. Sharpless (http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/thomas-k-sharpless-beyond-the-lens-panini-the-software-view-camera) – Beyond the Lens – Panini, the software view camera
Markus Matern and Jürgen Matern (http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/markus-matern-and-jurgen-matern-reprojecting-equirectangular-images-for-a-printed-presentation) — Reprojecting equirectangular images…
Alain Hamblenne (http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/alain-hamblenne-welcome-to-the-third-dimension) — Welcome to the 3rd Dimension!
Jeffrey Martin (http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/jeffrey-martin-the-360cities-community) – The 360cities Community
Sam Rohn (http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/sam-rohn-panopress-panoramas-wordpress) – Panopress: Panoramas + WordPress
Omer Calev (http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/omer-calev-using-panoramas-to-document-people) – Using panoramas to document people
Urs Krebs (http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/urs-krebs-the-roundshot-adventure) – The Roundshot adventure
Andrew Bodro (http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/andrew-bodrov-capturing-panoramas-using-a-monopod)v – Capturing panoramas using a monopod
Kent Durk (http://www.palmela2011.com/featured/kent-durk-exploring-in-hdr) – Exploring in HDR

In addition to the 12 speakers listed above, we have another 12 approved speakers to be announced in the coming days, we are currently preparing the announcement pages. This makes a total of 24 approved speakers so far, which is what I call a fantastic group of generous persons with an invaluable wealth of panoramic information to share at Palmela 2011 – The Conference, making attending this conference, a must!

It might be possible to accommodate one more speaker in the schedule (http://www.palmela2011.com/conference/schedule/detailed-schedule), hence, we are issuing a last call for speakers. If you are planning to attend Palmela 2011 – The Conference and want to address the community with a talk at the Cine-Teatro São João in Palmela, this is your last chance to get a speaker slot. Contact us (http://www.palmela2011.com/about/contact) with a talk proposal and you might be featured in the conference program too.