View Full Version : Our Backyard from 35ft up - vertical pole panorama

Bill Bailey
01-22-2011, 06:38 AM
Working on fast pole panorama workflows. The shooting of this pano done in about 5 min and included raising and lowering the pole 3 times. One man operation.
D700, 10.5 Nikkor lens, R1 pano head 30 foot carbon fiber pole (not Fanotec - yet :th_wink:)

http://www.circularworlds.com/images/backyard1_600.jpg (http://www.circularworlds.com/panos/home.html)

For those of you interested in doing pole panoramas it allows for different perspectives of a given area. This is at an extreme height but most pole panoramas would be best shot at about 9-15 feet in most cases.