View Full Version : Does not take long for times to change, like in minutes, D70, one of the first NN panoheads and Bill was in Australia

10-12-2010, 10:02 AM
Hi guys,

Just was on Panoguide, question about nadir Adaptor ... what do I see on top? Australian shop... what do I recognize aside? Taken by Bill Baley, D70, SHP-2.

So these NN guys are spread all over the world.:rockon:

Times change quickly, don't they?


And look at the comment: "using what else but a Nodal Ninja!!!"

This is only set by someone who is in first point proud of the product, and second, who is convinced of what he is doing.

And what do we see today? He was right. Because of a lot of happy customers and there are more every day.

THX! BILL and NICK, and the whole team in the background.


Bill Bailey
10-18-2010, 03:43 PM
thx Heinz
This was one of my earlier panos and not really happy with it myself - to much blow out (overexposure) and some stitching errors but it was still a fun shot.
Here is a higher resolution of that pano: http://www.circularworlds.com/panos/uj1.html
find the copyright notice?
I still have that SPH-2 - lots of miles on her - literally.