View Full Version : Nikonians watch out, price for D90 " old model" is already falling down.

08-20-2010, 12:30 PM
Hi guys,

because of all the rumors and discussions on other forums, I just checked the price for D90. There are a lot of rumors that D90 will be replaced and this should be announced around the photokina.

When models will be changed, it is always a good time to buy an "old model" for a better price.

I just checked the price at one of the biggest resellers in NL.

D90 body from €799 down to €637, and a lot of kit sets with a similar price reduction. This always happens around the world when there will be a replacement.

So this might be a good time to save money....



BTW: think this song tells a lot about us "normal users" expanding our knowledge...