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View Full Version : Can NN handle this fish eye?

04-30-2010, 05:51 AM
I am not sure NN can handle this fish eye lens _1591


Bill Bailey
04-30-2010, 06:06 AM
I don't see why not. It comes with a lens ring mount that looks to be 3/8". So using QRS it should mount fine on "lower" rail of NN5 :001_smile:


04-30-2010, 06:13 AM
Do you know the NPP?

Measurements are 236 diameter x171mm, 160mm from lens flange.


Bill Bailey
04-30-2010, 07:22 AM
I believe it would be at the widest point of the largest lens element similar to that of the FC-E9.

04-30-2010, 09:42 AM
This is the largest fish eye lens that I have ever seen. I came across ebay listing and post it here.

Bill Bailey
04-30-2010, 10:20 AM
and the most expensive - I believe Jook Leung uses this lens from time to time (