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03-16-2010, 07:29 AM
Gigapan for DSLR announced.

The pricing is not bad compare to rodeon motorized head.

03-16-2010, 12:40 PM
It looks less gadget and more robust than previous models :wink:

03-22-2010, 03:34 AM
cannot do 360 i suppose? i do see for the EPIC "360 degree panoramic range-of-motion"...

03-22-2010, 08:34 AM
cannot do 360 i suppose? i do see for the EPIC "360 degree panoramic range-of-motion"...

well you can't shot nadir and sometime also zenyth depending of configuration ! so it's mainly for cylindrical panoramas :wink:

Bill Bailey
03-22-2010, 10:43 AM
I use both the older Gigapans and just received the new DSLR Gigapan today.
While the robotic heads do have their advanges they also have dissadvantages. I actually prefer shooting manually using the NN5 w/RD16 and EZ-Leveler-II especially when wanting higher quality mosaics. You don't have to worry about batteries (my Gigapan goes dead after about 1000 exposures). Plus shooting with things moving in the viewfinder (cars, people) it's very convenient to selectively pause during a shoot - very difficult with automated heads and you can easily hit a wrong button only to find yourself having to start over. Even the newest Gigapan is limited with weight whereas I can throw on a 200 or 400mm lens on the NN5 without worry. Once you start shooting a giga-pixel image with a manual head you really need to focus on the row and column count but after you do a few of these you develop a smoother workflow which can actually go more quickly than the robot.

Robotics you work at the machines pace - manual you work more at your pace.


03-22-2010, 01:01 PM
Robotics you work at the machines pace - manual you work more at your pace.

Excellent shortcut Bill about motorised heads :001_smile: it stresses you a lot more during shoot process !

04-03-2010, 02:02 AM

I agree both of you Bill and Vincen.

I do not have a motorized head. I thought about this. But what is the moment I like to have one? When it needs a big amount of pictures to get gigapans with high resolution on top of a very high building, great landscape situation, need of lenses like nikkor 300mm/f2.8 or even beyond.

Because of weight a robotic head will not stand the weight. So we have to go to something smaller. 50mm, 70mm. Then we get in to the question Bill sets up: the need to watch the situation through the viewfinder to avoid a lot of movement, to stop a moment to avoid to pick halve of a tram,car ,or people.

So also for me, I feel to be better being off problems using a NN versa a motorized one. Having taped my lens to avoid movements in focus, zoom. Using CL/CH mode on Nikon for bracketing needs. And I use my standards for "tripod set up" and "shooting". I think in total, there is no profit for me to use a motorized head. OK, I might smoke a ciguarette while letting it do its work. But I do not smoke. And I like to take my time to stitch another panorama or try to help peolpe on the forum than spending this time in "backstage work". ::001_smile:

I arranged my tripod set up with NN and EZ-Leveller II that I have two legs of the tripod in front of me, NN5/3 on top at 0° in front of me. Good reach to the viewfinder, I can step close to the viewfinder without legs in my way. Set up
to 0°, helps me to know when I am ready with shoots in the row before to set up a new pitch. With a lot of shoots to take a row in between the marks you might get lost to know where we are.

Then I use my spherical pano settings paper - having set up rail settings, spherical pano settings and hyperfocal distances before at home - in a hard small foil where I vink on with a foil pencil what I have done.
This makes you very quick in shooting multiple rows and a lot of pictures in a row, shooting CL/ CH mode while bracketing.

I spent my money for a "Promote Control" to step into HDRI. And I use my NN5/RD16, Ez-leveller II, most of the time D3, experiments with R1 Sigma 8mm/3.5, Nikkor 10.5 shaved, 16mm/f2.8 with different camera bodies.

Till now I did not miss a robot.

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