View Full Version : NN5, Canon 40D and Tamron 10-24mm

03-14-2010, 10:39 AM
I have an NN3 and from what I've read a Tamron 10-24 won't produce perfect pano's on this... I've tried for hours and keep failing!!

Does anyone know if this lens can be used fine on the NN5 instead?

03-14-2010, 11:39 AM
Why it would not ? is lens too big for the head ? I don't think so ! so your issue is probably to find correct nodal point :biggrin:

John Houghton
03-14-2010, 01:16 PM
I've tried for hours and keep failing!!

It should not take more than a few minutes to determine whether it's possible with the NN3 for your camera to be positioned at the no-parallax point for a particular focal length setting. If the camera needs to be positioned further back than the top rail permits, then the NN5 may well be a solution. If it is possible to set the NPP position, then doing that should not take more than 15 minutes. If you set the NPP accurately, you ought to be able to get a good stitch, but that would depend on your sttitching software and how expert you are in using it. Provide a sample set of images and maybe we can get a better idea what your problems are due to.