View Full Version : pentax k10 sigma 10-20mm shooting 180 degree skydomes.

02-19-2009, 07:37 AM
Hi guys

new to this so quick question am i right by thinking that if i just want to shoot a 180x180 skydome i can just shoot at 4 images every 90? at +60? pitch and no zenith?

Can anyone also expalin how you know how many you have to shoot. as when i use a pano calcluater it says that i can get away with 6.4 shots in landscape.

But from reading the forum they recommend 1 image at -90? pitch (Nadir), 4 images every 90? at -60? pitch, 8 images every 45? at 0? pitch, 4 images every 90? at +60? pitch, no zenith image required


John Houghton
02-19-2009, 09:17 AM
The easy way to find out what works is to simulate the shoot in PTGui. Just add several camera images (8 in this case) and set the lens focal length (10) and crop factor (1.5). In the Panorama Editor window select the projection as Spherical 360x180. Now you can drag the individual images around to fill the top half of the output area. It's better to input camera angles on the Image parameters tab: select the yaw boxes and use the fill yaw button to apply incrementing yaw values. Set pitch to 45, say. You may also need to set roll=90 to rotate the images from landscape to portrait. You'll see how that works. 6 images round in portrait orientation just about works, but with little if any overlap at the horizon.