View Full Version : Pentax Settings? Anyone have any that aren't on the site?

11-23-2008, 06:42 PM
After looking for a used one on this site for a while, I finally acquired what appears to be a AS NEW NN3MII in box with everything for <$150 shipped (after the MSN Rebate). Funny thing was I was about to buy something else and just before hitting submit I came across the nearly listed NN3MII.

I took a look at the settings listing and noticed (as expected) not that many for Pentax.

I was wondering if anyone is using this with the following lenses and a K10D/K20D.

K 35mm f/3.5
FA 43mm Limited
Sigma 10-20

I'll be using this mostly for landscapes so something like the 35 or 43mm work best for me from a resolution standpoint. The DA 21mm is listed on there, and I also have that lens, but at least till now, I've always preferred my landscapes with a more normal lens!



11-23-2008, 06:46 PM
Second question....

The K10D, and 21mm #s look off. The FL is listed as 47.5, I assume that is the error and not the A and B settings?

Thanks again,




Pentax DA21 Ltd,


NN3 - 44.5
NN3 w/CP - 54.5
NN5 w/CP - 54.5