View Full Version : Need Order Rotator ?

10-26-2008, 10:32 AM
I what to buy a set of NN5, have some question need for help, please.

What is the difference between "Nodal Ninja 5 Complete Package" and "Nodal Ninja 5 w/ RD8 Rotator" ?

I want to take Pana photo, Rotator is must ?
Which case can not get good pana photo without Rotator ?

Thanks for help !

nick fan
10-26-2008, 07:23 PM
hi Jacky,

The advanced rotators are optional rotators that replace the default rotator. Their major advantage when compared to NN5 Rotator is ease of change of detent setting. This will be very useful if you plan to use different focal length often. However, if you do not need to change detent options often, NN5 rotator is good enough.


10-27-2008, 06:57 AM
Thanks Nick, order placed .... :001_smile:

Bill Bailey
10-28-2008, 10:13 AM
Unfortunately we have had some manufacturing delays. Rest assured however we will not comprise quality of build for speed of production, Nick is very precision orientated. So a bit more time is needed to build up the next batch rotators.
While there is a very good chance we may see some inventory trickle in within the the 2-3 weeks we are posting an estimated ship date of Dec 1st. Not sure yet if we will be able to fill existing back orders - if not we will notify those that may be effected.
Thank you for your patience.

10-30-2008, 12:15 PM
Hello Bill,

Thanks for your information, I did ordered "Nodal Ninja 5 Complete Package", that NOT include rotator.