View Full Version : Welcome Realviz Software/Hardware Bundle Customers

Bill Bailey
05-15-2008, 04:12 PM
This is directed to those that may have purchased Nodal Ninja in a Realviz software/hardware bundling package.

Due to the recent acquisition by Autodesk the Stitcher/hardware bundling as been discontinued and we no longer expect them to offer direct "hardware/warranty" support for any of our products sold. We are saddened to lose this collaboration, rest assured however, we will continue to offer the best support possible for our products. All Fanotec products sold by Realviz are still fully warrantied to the "original" purchaser.
It is highly recommended you contact me directly to log your product purchase into our database with your contact details. Just send an email to bill[at]nodalninja[dot]com.

We offer our congratulations and wish the fine folks at Realviz and Autodesk the very best in success with the recent acquisition.