View Full Version : NN3: upper and lower rail settings for d300 and 10.5?

04-24-2008, 03:03 AM

my first post to this forum. :001_smile:

did anyone get difference values than the data in nodal ninja camera settings for the d300 n 10.5?
i didn't get very good result when come to actual shooting and stitching using the data from nn db.
however, the parallax point seen correct for nn camera settings.


John Houghton
04-24-2008, 05:31 AM
It's unlikely that the pano head setup is responsible for the stitching errors you are getting, particularly if you have nothing close to the camera. However, it's easy enough to check that the camera is correctly set at the no-parallax point. Just take two overlapping shots as you would for a panorama, with something like a pole in the middle of the overlap and close to the camera, set against a distant background. Examine the images for any apparent shift of the near object against the background. If there is none, then the setup should be ok. If necessary, adjust the head. See:


Otherwise the stitching errors are down to the stitcher, or maybe you exercising inadequate control of the stitcher.


04-24-2008, 08:04 AM
thank you