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Nodal Ninja's are specially designed panoramic tripod heads to meet specific needs of the panoramic photographer. With 4 basic series combined with a broader choice of base rotators, we are able to configure pano heads that are just right for you. Nodal Ninja is also the name of our company.

If you are looking to seamlessly stitch panoramas free of parallax while simplifying your workflow, then you've come to the right place. Our award winning lightweight panoramic tripod heads are precision built to do just that. And being universal, they will work with just about any camera and lens. We offer exceptional value without compromising quality that's backed by industry leading support. Explore our products and see why "we are turning heads".

What's the purpose of a Nodal Ninja pano head?

Once a camera is properly mounted on a pano head, the photographer is able to take multiple images, horizontally and/or vertically, without any subsequent parallax error. Parallax, simply put, is the apparent shifting of objects in the foreground to the background. There is a point inside every lens called the No Parallax Point (NPP). The proper technical term is "entrance pupil", but many refer the NPP as the nodal point, hence Nodal Ninja.

Eliminating parallax is key when needing to "seamlessly" stitch adjoining images together to form a single composite. From as little as 2 shots across the horizon, to dozens or hundreds of multi image shots, photographers are able to produce stunning mosaics and full 360 x 180 degree interactive panoramas. Nodal Ninja is a valuable tool for any photographer's camera bag. Learn more about panoramic photography.

Ultimate R1

Which pano head is best for me?

This is a frequently asked question and depends on many factors, such as type of panoramas you are taking, to the equipment you use and even the software you will use, these all weigh in on selecting the right product for you.
Visit our general guidance page to help you pick the right head with the right rotator. And if you have difficulty sorting it out, just give us call 480-659-9899, or use our contact page, and a friendly representative will assist you usually within hours.

Fanotec continues to meet the growing demand for greater precision

Fanotec's slogan is "We Listen, We Try Harder". Fanotec listens to the needs of the end user. With new CNC machining processes, items like the new Ultimate M (modular) series and highly advanced rotators with internal ball bearings now being manufactured to even higher tolerances yielding greater precision. The Fanotec RD16 advanced rotator for example currently has the option of selecting click stops as small as 3.75 degrees - that's 96 click stops in a 360 degree circle. Fanotec and Nodal Ninja are both committed to customer satisfaction while continually seeking to refine their products. We feel we set the bar when it comes to commitment to our customers for products and service.


What are the advantages of Nodal Ninja over the competition?

We want our products to stand for themselves. One reason we win over the critics is because our pano heads are extremely well built, durable, versatile, universal and precision built. Being produced in Asia, Fanotec has its own manufacturing plant which allows total quality control over the entire production phase. We are not a large company, but we are able to meet consumer needs and generally have good stock levels to allow for fast delivery.
Our panoramic tripod heads have been built from the ground up based on needs from actual end users. The Fanotec product line has grown from one product (NN-1 pano head) to 7 model series with various rotator configurations. And now we have introduced new carbon fiber modular photography poles and accessories. All in all, we have over 100 products available with more coming later this year. And I almost forgot to mention we also make the EZ-Leveler-II (shown) for quick and easy leveling of your pano head.


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What about support

Support Support is paramount to us and we take great pride in our products.
"Product is one thing but support is everything".
We offer phone, forum, chat, and email support. We have set the bar with industry leading support. Read a few of the thank you's and testimonials from our end users that continue to come in. And if you're in the Phoenix area, stop by and see our lineup.
Thank you



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Recommended e-book

123di v5 Interactive Suite
Vincent Bockaert teaches how to take panoramas using the Nodal Ninja in his 123di v5 Interactive Suite

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Nodal Ninja

Exclusive distributors of the Fanotec product line. Fanotec develops and manufactures exclusively products to meet the needs of the panoramic photographer. We offer products such as the award winning Nodal Ninja, the CNC machined Ultimate Line, Carbon Fiber Aerial Poles, Levelers, and many more related accessories. Many of these items may also be used for general photography as well.


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NN3 MKII NN4 M1 R1 Poles EZ-Leveler II

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